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Many thanks Brad for all of that info, much appreciated. I really enjoyed the course on Friday, especially the morning session about images, printing, colours etc, as this was all a bit of a mystery to me before that. You explain things really well and I would be happy to attend any of your future courses.

Karina Saldias


The workshop was excellent!

Key Insights.


Thanks for all of this Brad. I really enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it.  You are a tremendous source of knowledge and inspiration.

Bob Reardon


I enjoyed your class greatly and learnt so much in one day.  I will look out for other classes that suit me.

Pauline Baragary


Thanks for yesterday’s lighting class. It was great, particularly the simplification of technical information.  After yesterday’s class, I think one of my priorities is to get to know the workings of my camera.

Kate G


Brilliant! Thanks Brad,  Now I understand why you would fiddle with all the sliders etc. I thought your course was really worthwhile. Thank you, I’m happy!

Pat Miethke


Great course today. It was exactly what I needed, so thank you. It looks so easy when you show us the images and is so hard to do when you have to do it yourself, but I know, practice, practice, practice!

Jane G


Many thanks for a most informative day last Friday and for all the follow-up information

John Grant


Many thanks for the file and the links. I had a read of your Vietnam series of images shortly after I enrolled in the course a month or two ago and really enjoyed it, I think the collection worked really well and I used it as a yardstick for my own series of street photos in New Orleans last month.

I got a lot out of Saturday’s course and perhaps now the .PSD will no longer stand for ‘Photoshop Stress Disorder’…

Paul C


Many thanks for the books and special thanks for the excellent course on Saturday. It was thoroughly useful and enjoyable.The time just flew by. Just wish I had a bigger brain to absorb all the information.

Thank you too for the suggestions for further study

Much appreciation and congratulations.

Merle Jensen


I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you SO much for providing such quality training. Thanks to you I have been quite successfully working as a freelance photographer in Sydney and developing a healthy portfolio.  I am now top of my Photography class at TAFE in Sydney, but that’s only because everything I know you taught me over the space of a week in your amazing workshops.

So I just wanted to sincerely thank you for helping me on my path and for explaining things in such a practical way that it stuck (because it made sense!)

Amanda Cross

Thanks for a great course over the past four days.  I have to tell you that the course should be called True Image Capture since it covers a great deal more than Light.

This is the fourth course I have done with you and it really brought it all together.  You are a gifted teacher with a great ability to allow us to see beyond our own limitations.  All those things that sat in the back of my mind are suddenly brought to the fore.  All the process details that have to be right for a great image capture were resolved and the activity became clear.  I now have a lot of work to do and I know that my images, captured, processed and printed, will benefit greatly.

Thanks again

Thanks for running this amazing course.  For me, it has turned the way that traditional photography is approached on its head and replaced it with an entirely new set of paradigms.  I just can’t stop thinking of the limitless range of possibilities for my photography once I’ve assimilated all the new information that we learned during the course.  Yes, it was mind-blowing; yes, it was so far left of center that I was left gasping; BUT it will be the way I approach my photography from now on and I can’t get the smile off my face knowing that I can finally rely on my histogram!



I would like to say how much I enjoyed your True Light Capture workshop.
I had a wonderful time and learnt so much vital information. Your teaching is so clear and deeply informative, you truly know your subject in a profound and thorough way.
I am so glad to have been a part of this group and to have learnt information which was innovative and groundbreaking and would have taken me years to learn.
Thank you so much for this opportunity and to have been warmly welcomed.
One day I will use every aspect of this knowledge and produce wonderful images, you are truly a brilliant teacher and it’s a pleasure to know you.

Carol Carlaw


Hi Brad,
Just a short thank you for the four day True Light Course held recently, having come from a long history of using film in photography facing the digital realm has been a mixture of so easy to do, and often not as good as we had it.

During those four days you have shown me many things, like how to get the dynamic range of film and more, create images sharper than I thought possible from 35mm Full Frame DSLRs,  and finally, you reminded me that the “little things” really do matter.

Russel Medway