The Ultimate iPhoneography Book series is written in plain English, it is jargon-free and best of all it will guide you along the pathway to creating amazing iPhoneography.  The series of 6 books will cover all your needs from the basics of DNG to very advanced technical shooting and editing concepts, the finer points of composition, artistic expression, creative lighting and even using the iPhone for full on professional work!

All of these publications are now being prepared, they are the result of my 8 years of working with iPhoneography and 45 years of photography.

I have continuously developed new mobile photography techniques and taught iPhoneography face to face to thousands of people, I thought the time is right for me to share this knowledge and skill with the greater world.

All the testing and shots are taken, processes sorted and the words are almost all written for the coming books, so keep an eye out for the next release.   But right now you can get started with Ultimate iPhone DNG.


Ultimate iPhone DNG

The starting point for everyone, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting great quality DNG images on your iPhone, we think you will be amazed at the potential quality and even more amazed at just how much better your photos can be… check out the full details on this page.


Ultimate iPhone Advanced DNG Techniques

A detailed how-to book on 20 advanced processes you can carry out using DNG files, lots of examples and insights into potential issues and how to avoid them. Includes: Resolution Stacks, Super Deep DOF, Tilt Shift and Perspective Simulations, Grainy Monos, Matrix Panoramas and way more! Approx 240 iPhone optimized Pages of DNG wisdom.


Ultimate Snapseed for iPhone Shooters

Snapseed is a free program bursting with creative tools that can unleash all the hidden potential in your images. The book covers all the core tools and importantly how they interact with one another, advanced editing options, creating specific looks and renderings. Along the way, you will learn all about the finer aspects of tone and color control, special effects filters, monochrome magic, image blending and so much more. Approx 250 iPhone Optimised Pages.


Ultimate iPhone DNG – Geek Edition

This is for all those who want to geek out with iPhone DNGs on the desktop computer. What works, how to get better resolution and color, converters for special needs, tools to make your DNGs sing. The book deals with advanced options available in a wide array of desktop RAW/DNG converters including, Iridient Developer, Photoshop, Lightroom, RPP64, RawTherapee, and more. You will be amazed at the differences you can liberate by using different converter options, you will be even more impressed by the new creative options for your images these applications make possible. Approx 300 iPhone Optimised Pages.


Ultimate iPhoneography – Creative Edition

Liberate your creative iPhoneography skills and explore the artistic side of iPhoneography, a perfect destination point for your iPhoneography skills development. Examines composition, color, framing and creative expression through both shooting and editing techniques. There is a vast array of examples with detailed explanations of how they were achieved, discussion of the philosophy behind iPhoneography with inspiring insights of the art of image creation. Approx 300 iPhone Optimised Pages.


Ultimate iPhone Photo Professional

Specifically written for those who need to use the iPhone as a professional photographic tool. Lots of businesses need to shoot products, events, instructional images, portraits and more with the iPhone, and this will help them do it far better. The book covers, lighting control, advanced color control, composition, pre-visualization, matching capture technique to intended output. Along the way, it also deals with tricky little issues like light source choices, apps for specific jobs, post DNG fine tunings for web and a whole lot more. Approx 400 iPhone Optimized Pages


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